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Drywall vs Plaster


Drywall vs Plaster

   In the world of wall finishes there are two common forms of interior wall materials, they are Plaster and Drywall. Plaster has been around for years, as early as ancient times.  Plaster was known to be the premier wall covering but as technology advanced, in the 1950’s drywall became a popular interior wall material. Drywall is now the main source of wall material used in all modern day homes. Here at the Drywall Shop, we took the time to explore the advantages and disadvantages of plaster and drywall for interior wall applications.

   Plaster walls are generally created through a three-coat process. To begin, lath must be secured to the framing. Historically, lath has been made of wood strips, but more recently metal or plasterboard have come into use. The lath gives the gooey plaster something to hold onto. Plaster also requires more labor to get a smooth finish and we specialize in level five finishes which are easily obtained.

Disadvantages of Plaster

   A disadvantage of plaster is that it is difficult to repair. When plaster cracks or crumbles due to shifting foundations or a strong blow to the wall, repairing the problem is tricky. Damaged plaster must be cut and scraped out without damaging the intact wall material. If the damage is severe, the lath or other backing requires replacement as well. Plaster also changes color slightly as it ages, so new patches are brighter and stand out if you don't paint the entire wall after the repair.

Advantages of Plaster

   An advantage of plaster is that it is durable. When is mixed properly, it creates a strong and durable wall finish. The chemical reaction that occurs when water evaporates out of the plaster mixture and develops strong bonds in the mixture. Plaster is more resistant to knocks and dents in most cases. The lath or backing used behind the plaster also affects its strength. A modern metal lath or tough backing boards are more durable than the thin wooden lath strips used in historical houses.


  Drywall is similar to plaster, however, it is used to add fire resistance to walls and ceilings. It helps to maintain the spread of fire so people can evacuate safely during an emergency. 

Disadvantage of Drywall

   A disadvantage of Drywall is that it can easily be damaged by water. When it is installed in bathrooms, basements, or other high moisture rooms, its condition might be affected. Damp drywall will also allow mold infestations. If drywall is water damaged, it must be replaced. The only solution to the problem is to get drywall with fiberglass instead of paper. These drywall types are more water resistant. 

Advantages of Drywall

  One advantage of drywall is its size, one sheet of drywall covers a large area. Today it is widely used in most building interiors that were made of plaster.

Here are several benefits that you could get from using drywall: 

Cost effective.

* Easily available. 

* Quick to install. 

* Easy to cut. 

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